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Random photos of Rio while on tour with Queens Park Rangers for their pre-season.

He looks miserable.

On this day....

In other news, Patrice Evra has left Manchester United for Juventus FC. The whole deal wasn't even 2 Million.

I already let my feelings out on my Manchester United Tumblr account so I'm not going to repeat that on here cos that will just be a waste - but - just - sad really. Really sad. Fergie wouldn't have let Vida, Rio, Giggsy and Evra exit in one - 1 - ONE - uno - go.



I'm obsessing on Gerard Pique and Shakira right now though - lol - u2bing them and watching videos of their PDA's over and over. I guess I want my own tall prince.

Plus the fact that I've had sex with 2 spaniards my entire life - they're not that bad. HA HA HA HA HA HA... hashtag TMI.Never mind. Nobody reads this journal anyway.

Dream Team XI
Roy Keane names his Manchester United XI as follows:

Parker - Stam - Pallister - Irwin
Beckham - Keane - Ince - C. Ronaldo
Cantona - Van Nistelrooy

Giggs has a go with his dream team. Quite cute when he said "I'll put myself in there if you don't mind"... :) That's my man, Ryan. ^^

Schmeichel (although he did have a hard time between him and Edwin van der Sar)
G. Neville - Ferdinand - Vidic - Irwin (had a hard time between Irwin and Evra too)
Ronaldo - Keane - Scholes - Giggs
Cantona - Rooney

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a crack at his dream team:

van der Sar
G. Neville - Stam - Ferdinand - Irwin
Beckham - Keane - Scholes - Giggs
Cantona - Van Nistelrooy

Here's mine, the one that matters. ME! :p (I just felt like putting it out there. Realised I haven't done this in the past. The thing is, it hasn't changed since 2003. Which makes me worried, it only means the club hasn't found a star that could challenge this dream team.)

G. Neville - Ferdinand - Stam - Irwin
Beckham - Keane - Scholes - Giggs
Cantona - Solskjaer

Rio in QPR Photos
Home in Gapan where internet is decent. Here are photos of my beloved making his move to QPR and wearing his new club's strip.

I have a thing for lefties. RG is also a lefty.

He's always been a sharp dresser. Sigh. I love him.

Here he is with his training bra. LOL

He looks fantastic. He should have stayed with United. Grr. For the first time - I really hate United right now. Especially after reading Giggs would have preferred him to stay on. I guess I'm miffed that it wasn't SAF who made the decision. It should have been LvG who called his time at United and not someone else. I'm really upset. Sigh.

He posted this video via his #5 magazine's YouTube channel. I could only muster to watch it once but he looked real cute and there's a nice close up of him towards when the end when his medical was finished.

BTW, his move made it to Twitter's trending topics:

I had to get a screenshot. I don't know - I just wanted to remember.

He looked good in red.

Moyes made Vida move. I hate Moyes. This duo was the best.

That smile. Sigh. It breaks my heart.

Thank you, Rio. The Man United supporter in me says Thank You a million times. Your fan/wifey/fwog in me says: OMG BABY YOU DO GOOD IN YOUR NEW CLUB.

Looking at the bright side: he's still playing. But I suppose how I feel seeing him in a different club will be really known as soon as the league starts next month.

It's so weird seeing the team on tour in the US right now. No Giggs, no Vida, No Rio, no Evra. WOW.

Rio to QPR, LVG's press conference and McDonald's
He did it. Rio did it. He's now a Queen's Park Rangers player. :-s I really think he should have retired at the top. But my cries to him via the Universe channel didn't get to him. I really wish him the best. I hope he doesn't regret playing for QPR. I'm sure he'll have a good time. He's reunited with his old manager, Harry Redknapp - so that should be good. Hey - at least I can still get to see him play right? That's the upside.

I'll post pics of him in the QPR shirt soon. I'm at our house in Quezon City and the internet here is slow (Father got the one that 's bundled with the landline) compared to the internet in Gapan (the only upside of living in Gapan is the internet - that and the fact that I live near a Globe tower so my 3G signal at home is probably faster than the LTE signal Manileños experience).

After my activities I got home last night at around 11-ish in the evening. Really knackered because I could have been home earlier if it weren't for the bastard traffic that has been plaguing Manila for the last million years and you know that traffic becomes doubly plaguing if it rains and it rained quite hard again last night even though the typhoon Glenda that hammered the country a day before was said to have left the country's area of responsibility. I also got home feeling really hungry even if I had driven thru a McDonald's and got myself a Double Cheeseburger (Blue Ridge McDo had the best fries I have ever had! Or maybe I was just hungry???) and had a bite at Simoun's father's wake (I only knew about it yesterday - I got lost getting to the place, stupid Google maps) - I really need to start my diet soon or else I'll eat myself to death.

Speaking of McDonald's - can I just say - one of the things I really like about Manila is Drive Thru's??? I know it's shallow but when you live in a place as rural as Gapan, you take for granted things like that. I really reckon McDonald's Drive Thru should be implemented across the Philippines. It should be a given right to any license carrying Filipino that a McDonald's Drive Thru is available to his or her disposal at any given time.


I don't have MUTV so I followed LVG's press conference via Twitter (Bless Twitter really - I follow really good accounts that give great updates about the club plus a couple of other ones that reflect my jaded personality such as @UnitedRants). I'll post the transcript later when I get home to Nueva Ecija. I was excited before he even came down to OT after he was named as manager, I was excited when he landed in Manchester, I'm even more excited now after reading the transcript and what went down in the press conference. And not just me - reading the reactions of other folks got me EVEN more excited. The season hasn't started yet and I'm already excited. I just hope he delivers or else the fans of other clubs is going to give him the stick for his much talked "philosophy". (I"ll post that soon too - it's really interesting.)

I still want a photo of SAF and LVG together. I mean they have had photos together when LVG was managing Barcelona (or was it Bayern?) - but I want one when they're both AT the club.

Okay I really gotta go now. Have to make a decision whether to go or not go to Trinoma. Ha ha ha ha such is life...

It's Van Gaal Time
He's here!
He's here!
He's finally here!
(Well, not really here but... you know what I mean.)
Finally! Van Gaal has arrived in Manchester.

My Twitter timeline was going crazy since the morning of his arrival and I must admit, I was very much following what was going on as much as I could and was enjoying it. LOL Then I found a link that gives good updates about the man's arrival in England so I stopped going on Twitter cos some of them were already being repetitive anyway. :p

He will have his first official press conference as Manchester United manager tomorrow and I would really really like to watch that one, but - I don't have MUTV (nor is it being offered here in the country) and ManUtd.com has also discontinued their MUTV Online service which I really liked. (The money you pay for that service was well worth the videos and the news you can watch.) So I hope a good soul out there would upload it on u2be the same way someone has uploaded Ian's Parkinson interview. Dear Universe, hello!?!?!?!

I'm not going to pretend that I know everything about van Gaal. I only know of his reputation and of course what is written on his Wikipedia page. When his name was attached to the club, that was when I took particular interest in watching the World Cup really - I wanted to see what my new club manager was like, and what he can do and I got really excited. I started rooting for the Dutch team because of LVG (not really because of RVP lol - sorry) and even wrote a rhyme on the day/night of their match against Argentina:

So many reasons
I think about nine
How much i love football
And how much I hate
The Argentines
I think they're horrible
I think they're swines
I think they're awful
I think they're all whines
I don't care if Rio
Likes Maradona
To me he is no hero
He is all but drama
The Dutch better beat
This South American side
For the love of Total Football
And for European pride
And then in the final
Against the almighty Germans
I'll be drinking lots of coffee
Cos I'll just be in my room in Gapan
Gutted of course the Dutch lost to the Argies and was even displeased with the idea that the new manager will have to stay on longer in Brazil for a meaningless "battle for third" game - a sentiment I was happy to find out that the new gaffer shared (GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE kind of drama for moi) as well. The upside to that battle for 3rd is that Dutch beat the Chews - 3-0. *weg*

I'm not delusional that LVG can win the Treble or the Double, or even the League (or an FA Cup even) on his first season. I said to the universe (meaning I tweeted about it or something alike) that although winning the league would be fuckin' amazing, if we're going to be realistic and aim for something plausible, a Top 4 finish in the PL would be a great first season for him. Imagine my gloat and smug factor when Gary Neville said the same thing.

Again: Great RED minds think alike.

And off tangent, while we're on the topic of Twitter, I'd like to remind you of this one more time:
Yes, he knows I exist. Best day ever. :) Have to remind myself that my life was at one point - fantastic. Rio Ferdinand, I love you. :)

With my main man Ryan, and Ed Woodward

He needs to have a new tailor. There's something off about that suit! And that colour! And where's SAF? I think SAF should have been there too. A picture with the new gaffer would have been really great.

Loewing Jogi Löw
This used to be my hobby back in the day so allow me to SPAM once more. This time, on my WC 2014 crush, the one and only: Joachim Löw.

It's really not that difficult to crush on Jogi. As you can see from this photo below which isn't even high density.


And although the German Coaches of the past have pretty much worn the same "uniform" during matches as evidenced by these photos:

There's just something about Jogi the Pogi that makes him sexy. It's probably the hair, probably the smile, possibly the performance of the team under his management. Needless to say, there's no contest as to who is the most attractive, best dressed, and coolest person in the football world right now.


Sherlock stole his look.

He's got a fascination for his nose. Google "Joachim Low nose" and you'll get interesting results.

This is the least flattering picture that I've found of him and he is still ahead of others.

I melt. I truly, truly melt.

Just sittin' around... in style.

And why not.

GQ cover boy

I like this better

Rockin' the jeans

Rockin' the turtleneck...

Rockin' the Ellen de Generes look

I like his set of teeth. I've got a thing for men with "imperfect" teeth.

Cardig-gin' it.

And the best of the lot, Germany's "fashion photos" with the manager. I can't find anything bigger but it's okay.

Jogi and Mario Gomez

Sven Bender and his twin. Jogi looks so good the website I got this from thought he was Mario Gomez. Ha.

With Oliver Bierhoff

Gomez, Jogi, Bierhoff and... I don't know who that is - must be someone from the coaching staff. Could be Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann but doesn't come close.

No idea what this photos were for but I enjoyed looking at them immensely and even if he were amongst his players, my eyes would always go straight to Jogi the Pogi.

Hopefully this ends the Jogi madness. Congratulations, Joachim Low, for not just winning the World Cup, but also for winning the most coveted WC Crush of Kim. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Joachim and Germany fashion photos
17 Absolutely Ubergeschnappt Gifs and Vines - this article has a Vine video of Joachim "almost" dancing
Google Images

Ian Thorpe: The Parkinson Interview
Finally someone uploaded on u2be the full Ian Thorpe interview.

Much of what he said, I've already read beforehand so not really surprised with what went on here. Just nice to see him again even if it's just on u2be.

I'm so proud of you, Ian! I hope you're happy. I have nothing but love for you. :) And I miss seeing you on my wall. Sigh. (The posters on my wall were Ian and Roy Keane - but you know, fire. Shet.)

World Cup 2014 Crush
Comme des Garcons
My World Cup crush in 2002 was Rio Ferdinand. In 2006, it was Signor Marcello Lippi and pretty much the whole Italian Team. I didn't get to follow World Cup 2010 as much (or even the Euro's in 2008 and 2012) because I was pretty much uninterested in England already at the time (refer to WC 2010 formula) plus it also didn't help that I was living in Manila at that time and was devoid of cable TV (long story).

Getting to follow and watch World Cup 2014 I would say was my consolation prize for a crappy two years (2013 and 2014 have been really really hard) - and my sanity saver, really. It provided me with a distraction, a distraction that also saved me back in the day when things weren't going well for me. Anyroad enough with the drama. Let's get on to what I really want to say.

Joachim Löw. My WC 2014 crush. :)

He looks good in blue.
He looks good in white.
He looks good when he smiles.
He looks good when he doesn't smile.
He has a nice set of teeth.
He has the wits to wear what he wears during international comp's unlike other managers which means he has what a lot of other managers lack: common sense.
He gives me a very Signor Lippi vibe - and you how much I love me some Signor Lippi. (Oh Signori!)
He kicks butt! If you look at his record since being on the helm since 2006, Germany has been - well, kicking butt:

Euro 2008 - 2nd
WC 2010 - 3rd
Euro 2012- 2nd
* this only proves CONSISTENCY IS SEXY.

I've always really liked Joachim Low. To be fair I was surprised that Klinsmann left even - I thought he did a really good job managing Germany and would stay on but I guess he really prefers to be based in the US because of his family. (Beats me - I was in the US for nearly half a year in 2013 and I wanted to be away from the country on my 3rd month - I couldn't stand it. I'd rather be in Europe than in America. The only thing I liked about living in the US over Europe was that driving was easier - and I'm not complaining about Edwards Cinemas either.)

I have to put this photo of the Germany players "struttin' their stuff". They all look extra good looking being World Cup winners e.g. Khedira and Hummels. Put them in their club kits I wouldn't even pay any attention to them (and why should I?). Proves Marj's statement: lakas maka-guapo ng WC.:)


Triumphant Germany welcomed home in style
'Football's coming home!': Jubilant German fans steal England's anthem as 400,000 line the streets of Berlin to welcome home their World Cup heroes

World Cup 2014 (Finals) Brain Farts
Here were my world cup brain farts. Most of them were during the finals:
You know why I think Germany will win? Crush ko kasi si Joachim Low. Sya crush ko this WC. WC 2006 crush-Lippi. O. #worldcupbrainfarts

The stadium is bare??? I hope the scoreline isn't. #worldcupbrainfarts

Shakira brings son Milan to the World Cup stage. Only @shakira can get away with that shenanigan. #worldcupbrainfarts #WorldCupFinal

@ricky_martin guapo!!! @IanThorpe go!!! Vida vida vida!!! #worldcupbrainfarts #OnYaThorpie

May pang-Russia na ako. Visa na lang kulang. 😂😜 #worldcupbrainfarts

A champions league final is still better than a world cup final especially when the club you support wins. #WorldCupBrainfarts #mema

I still think T-Ho should have won Golden Glove. #latereaction #worldcupbrainfarts #worldcup2014

Here's what I think about Scolari quitting: I still think he shouldn't have. #worldcupbrainfarts

And here are some more:

1. I don't think Lionel Messi should have won the Golden Ball. My vote goes to Colombia's James Rodriguez. (James also gets props for the name I like to say aloud all the time. "Ha-mez" yes ye're the best, best...)

2. Everytime I see Cristiano Ronaldo on TV I want to punch his lights out. I'm still angry. GRRRRRRRRR

3. I bet on Brazil ending up in the finals with Argentina. So obv I bet on Brazil winning over Germany. (And other stakes I no longer remember) I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY LOSING MONEY OVER FOOTBALL WITH THAT KIND OF SCORELINE.


Let me tell ya - I was already on the brink of suicide the night before. That victory was schadenfreude at its finest. And it wasn't because I was a fan of Germany - it's because I hate Brazil that much. LVG's Netherlands defeating them 0-3 in the useless battle for third was just icing on the schadenfreude cake.

4. Erm, Becks? You're ace but this is really like letting your sons wear City colours. It has to stop.

Oh the horror. *Shudder* All that gel in your hair must have made you forgot the Simeone incident in 1998!

5. Get ready to swoon over Cannavaro's perfection in...... 1... 2... 3.... SELFIE!

Best picture of the whole tournament I don't care what you think - this is the best picture of the whole tournament. Goal? What goal? It's fucking Cannavaro!

The inclusion of Lothar Matthaus and Daniel Passarella in this photo just made Cannavaro look more handsome. ^_^

Okay. That should be it. No more WC hangover tomorrow hopefully. The transfer shenanigans should keep me occupied. I should make a mental note to self to refrain tweeting footie related brain farts on my personal twitter account and use my manutdph handle instead when I do this. I already annoy folks on my timeline with all my footie babbling. I can't help it - I don't have anyone to talk with around here! Just me, my phone and the universe.

Gotta sleep. Tomorrow's another useless day for me to live.

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