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Heneral Luna
Heneral Luna - a movie I didn't know was showing up until I saw posts on social media about it. I actually had no plans of watching the film even after reading rave reviews about it, until I chanced upon this list of Heneral Luna Quotes if applied to modern day Filipino problems. It had me at "punyeta" which is a favourite expletive of mine.

Heneral Luna was no longer showing in the nearest cinema where I live (hello, barrio much) when I decided I wanted to watch it and not wait for the DVD. The film was still showing in SM Pampanga (60 KM or 2 hours away - daghan traffic, gawa kalsada, eleksyon na kase!!!) so decided to leave really early for that week's Pampanga excursion (kung may nagbabasa: I go to SM Pampanga or Marquee Clark every week, pang break ng monotony ng buhay bodegera) so I can make it to the 11:00 AM. I was disappointed when no subtitles showed up when the film started. Found out later that the subtitled version of the film was only available in select cinemas in Metro Manila. Hmp. (It's not that I don't understand Tagalog, I do. Mahina lang talaga ang tenga ko kaya I really can't watch films properly if it doesn't come with subtitles.) Apart from the creepy old guy who decided to sit beside me (Tatang, kaya nga po eto yung upuan na pinili ko eh, para wala akong katabi kasi ako lang mag isa ang nanuod...at saka ang daming upuan dyan o, sa tabi ko talaga??? YIKES.) I REALLY REALLY LOVED THE FILM.

The film wasn't perfect, the story had it's plot holes, and there were moments in the story where I felt it lacked in the execution. But no one can deny the superb acting of the man who played Heneral Luna: John Arcilla. Sabi ko nga, hindi pang best picture yung Heneral Luna, pero si John Arcilla, pwedeng Best Actor sa Oscars. Even Mylene Dizon, Archie Alemania, and Joem Bascon were good in the film. The dialogue helped - and if talk is true that the director Jerrold Tarog will do a Gregorio del Pilar film next, putsa - manunuod ulit ako. (P.S. Walang kinalaman ang excitement ko sa pagiging pogi ni Paulo Avelino as Gregorio del Pilar... wala. wala. wala. *laglag panty*)

As I always do when I like a film, nag-adik ako sa Heneral Luna when I got home. (Kung may nagbabasang iba, nag-adik means, nag YouTube about the film, mga BTS, interviews, etc., Google ng articles about the movie, search ng hashtag, etc, at in this case, basa ng life ni Luna, Aguinaldo, et. al. sa Wikipedia) I came across this really amazing artwork by Pauline Palita and it's worth a repost because maganda sya talaga.

Source: https://twitter.com/pj_palits/status/649540624442494977

Intense lang si John Arcilla sa Heneral Luna. Kung nagmumura ka like me, hinding hindi mo kayang hindi mag-punyeta palabas ng sinehan. :)

Tweet dump! Para matanggal na sa Favorites ko... hehehe

Cutest Thinking Out Loud Duet
This might just be a phase but allow me to enjoy it anyway.

BasDub is love talaga!!! *heart heart*

And for the sake of posterity (my favourite reason why I blog on LJ kahit walang audience), eto ang favourite Dubsmash video ko of Baby Baste... Thinking Out Loud, Moo Moo version!!!

Ay grabe. I really wanna see this kid in person. Sana there's a chance for me to meet him habang baby pa sya. ^^

Edgar Allan Poe's turn...

I think the rain and my incessant eating is contributing to the depression. The warehouse was flooded, I heard the store was flooded... Today is the day Lando unleashed his/her wrath. Ano ka ba, Lando - lalaki o babae? Pwede na ring bakla, why not. Gender equality...

I know I should stop eating but whatever...I go on the scale every morning and I'm still in my threshold weight. Bahala na si Batman. Sana bukas may kuryente na.

Here's another gem:

She died as she lived...

I Like AlDub pero...
1. I will never do the pabebe wave pose in photos.

2. Hindi ako bibili ng music ni Alden Richards kasi di ko naman bet ang boses niya - unless mayroon syang song na talagang OMG NAKAKALOKA ang ganda. So far, the ones he has released, thumbs down sa akin. As in FAST FORWARD PLEASE! Pero ang lakas ng recall ng Wish I May nya ha. Bagyo levels ang LSS nya. KALOKA.

3. Hindi magugunaw ang mundo ko kung hindi sila magkatuluyang dalawa in real life.


The Best of The BasDub Memes
While Tisoy is Away, Baste will play! Japan Pa More! - was the running theme of the BasDub memes that came out on the internet. They're hilarious. Some of the memes that came out underline the elephant in the room of the AlDub Nation fandom which is: Alden Richards, you're too slow. Uyyyy....

Me, personally, I hate it when they force him on to the girl; especially those who tweet something along the lines of "Uy! I think it's real! Did you see the look on his eyes???" *rolls my eyes* People forget, he is an ACTOR. His job is to make pakilig the audience. Praktisado yan. Kaya JAPAN PA MORE!!! Hehehehehehe

ALL MEME'S ARE NOT BY ME. Wala akong panahon gumawa nyan.


CHEAP MO KASI ALDEN RICHARDS! No to ka-cheapan like some of your outfits! 😜

Japan si Bae! Nailed it...

Kaya din ni Baste mag-shirtless!!!! Hehehehe

This was one witty meme! Tawa much ako!

Mabagal si Alden Richards Meme #1

Mabagal si Alden Richards Meme #2

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

BasDub is the best! Baste!!!! I love you!!!

Mabagal si Alden Richards Meme #3

Classic Japan Pa More

Another witty meme that I loved so much!

Mabagal si Alden Richards Meme #4

Basta ako, BasDub for life!!!

BasDub > AlDub
There's AlDub, then there's BasDub.

BasDub >>>>> AlDub.

No point explaining what is "BasDub" since, ako lang naman ang nakakabasa nito, at alam ko naman kung ano siya...pero sige na nga.

BasDub was born when Baby Baste was used as a quasi-replacement for Alden Richards's character on Eat Bulaga's KalyeSerye. Alden was out from October 6-13, 2015 because... oh my God I can't believe I know this...sige na nga... sulat na natin.

October 3, Saturday- Yaya goes to Broadway to visit Alden's "family" since he visited her in her "mansion" the week before. Lola Nidora asked Yaya to stay at Broadway while Alden goes with the Lola's to the Baranggay's. Hashtag: #AlDubmeetsTVJ (September 26 is the 25 million tweet day "#AlDubEBforLove")

October 5, Monday - The switch. Yaya was in the studio, while Alden was in the Baranggay with the Lola's. Some folks thought he'd be the Yaya and he'd wear an apron (including me) but he ended up becoming a "Rogelio". Allow me to post some photos to show how good he looked in the Rogelio costume. (Dahil ang baduy ng suot nya halos araw-araw sa studio, ending, yung Rogelio costume pa ang best outfit nya ever. To this date, ito pa rin ang pinaka best nyang OOTD. Pumapangalawa yung outfit nya nung "umakyat ng ligaw" sa "mansion".)

Even I admit it.. Swoon!😍

Source: Pep.PH

Lola Nidora and Yaya played a game of Rock, Paper Scissors (Jack En Poy in the Philippines) where if Yaya won, Alden and her will be in the studio together but if Lola wins, it will be up to her who will decide who will be with her in the Baranggay and who will be at the studio. Lola won, but her choice was not revealed because of the dreaded truck honk which signifies the end of the episode, leaving the audiences hanging - a common occurrence in this show.

Seeing how the whole week played out, I have a feeling the switch was carried out for Maine (Yaya Dub) to bond with Baste and even Ryzza Mae because the two child stars (pwede naman na tawagang child star si Baste di ba?) played a role in the next days of the KalyeSerye while Alden was out.

October 6, Tuesday - (Birthday ko! Hehehe ang tanda ko na!) Alden misses Eat Bulaga for World Teacher's Day which was held in Naga, Bicol. Must be a prior commitment that they couldn't back out of. (This was also the day Kris Bernal posted a photo with the "bae" and was bashed unnecessarily by fans of AlDub na mababa ang IQ. Mga hampaslupa talaga...) Yaya was supposedly "sad" because Alden is not present, so to make her smile, her tropa from Broadway - Baste and Yaya Luvs (Ryzza Mae) - showed up to cheer her up.

For me, this was the day "#BasDub" was born. :)

October 7, Wednesday - Direk Joey sent this tweet out in the morning:
MY REACTION: Ay grabe. Walang pahinga?

It seems like Alden's handler realised the craziness of his schedule right on time and told the boy to skip Eat Bulaga and have the Lola's allude that he is "working" somewhere in Muntinlupa and that it's important for both characters - Yaya and Alden - to spend time apart so that they can learn their own selves a little better. This set the tone for the upcoming days that Alden would be away (prior commitments, maglalaba, magpapatuli, magpapableach...charot)

October 8, Thursday - Alden's in Zamboanga, his deceased Mum's hometown. This is probably something Alden himself would not say no to - since his Mum is a very touchy subject for him - kahit Weeksary (Thursdays) o Monthsary (every 16th) pa yan. He almost always cries when he talks about her and always states how she's the reason why he pursued to be in the entertainment industry.

No Alden, more BasDub for me!!!

October 9, Friday - Alden flies to Japan for a show on Sunday. YEY! MORE BASDUB FOR ME!!!

October 10, Saturday - Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) competes in the Dabarkads Pa More Grand Finals so the KalyeSerye was focused on Yaya's preparation for her performance on the show. She only had maybe about a 5 second interaction with Baste when he welcomed her in the studio but this Instagram post more than made up for it (and it can also be deduced that they hung out backstage than what was shown on television).

Source: Maine Mendoza's Instagram


By the way, this whole week where Alden was absent (except Monday) - only proved that Maine can hold her own. That even without Alden Richards, the KalyeSerye can thrive. Personally, it never really bothered me that Alden was out, because I was laughing too much. But when it's Yaya who is out of commission, I really feel the absence of the character.

October 12, Monday - Alden flies home to the Philippines but did not appear on Eat Bulaga until Tuesday.. tuloy ang BasDub! (Baste was obviously sleepy during the segment so kaunti lang ang interaction nila with the kid. Buti na lang may nag magandang loob na gumawa nito. No official video from GMA, maybe it's because kaunti nga lang compared to days before.)

October 13, Tuesday - Still no Alden. Probably took a well deserved rest. TULOY ANG BASDUB!!!!

October 14, Wednesday - Sad day for me. Bumalik na si Alden. Wala ng BasDub. Bumawi na lang si Baste during ATM with the Bae's... sigh... Miss ko na ang BasDub!!!

Here are the reasons why I like the idea of BasDub:

1) It gave Baste extended air time - I have to admit, I look forward to his small participation during Eat Bulaga's ATM with the Bae's segment where he does a pose and the audience has to mimic it.
2) Baste makes Yaya more likable in my opinion, since it gives the opportunity for Maine to be more comedic (see the October 9 and 13 video above). Her expressions as of late when interacting with Alden seems calculated; sometimes borderline annoying (for me) because they're so repetitive.
3) I just really happen to like BasDub! It's a funny funny little thing. Maybe because I never had a kid brother - and that's how I see the relationship between Yaya and Baste.
4) Pagod na ako sa kilig at drama. Mas gusto ko ang KalyeSerye pag comedy sya - which BasDub was able to give. The squiggly writing between Yaya and Baste, the "Panget ka Lola" bits, even Lola Nidora's "Baste...baste...Bulaga" was hilarious.

I'll post my favourite BasDub meme's on a separate entry.

WOW ANG HABA NAMAN NITO! Grabe masyado ako kalawang sa pagsusulat. Kailangan talaga tag-lish pa. At di na ako marunong mag-edit.


AlDub Dolls
This "phenomenon" is so kitsch but I think these dolls are kinda cute. Makes me want to wear that red polka dot apron. I wonder where they commissioned the dolls. I want one for myself, but in the image of Baste. He he he he

Source: https://twitter.com/eatbulaga/status/654856204351475713

I am...
Comme des Garcons
...so tired of arguing with myself.


So be grateful for the chaos's in your life because without it, wala talagang kulay ang buhay nyo.

I miss the feeling of being broke - pero may work - kasi there's the next payday to look forward to. Well - there's the work to look forward to. Pero miss ko na mag budget sa totoo lang.



Answer for question 4486.
What is your most essential household appliance? How difficult would it be for you to live without it? What's one gadget or appliance you'd love to have but don't?
Most essential household appliance: the microwave oven. How difficult? Very. I don't know how to cook so I buy loads of microwaveable meals from S&R.

The one gadget/appliance I'd like to have but don't: a fully functional time machine.


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