Covid Era Cassiopeia

i am suffering from a major case of LSS - the cause? the urge to learn TVXQ songs because I've found myself in a situation i didn't want: i fell in love with jung yunho - or u know - from TVXQ! - stylized like that with the exclamation point - and you know in the past that would have been the first thing that would make me walk away from liking a group. and a name like "u-know"? are you kidding?

so what happened?

it's the time of corona virus, it's august 13, 2020 - decided to give Hometown Flex a go - because at this point i ran out of shows to watch. episode 1-2 they went to busan and jang hyuk was there - i'm a fan so i kept watching. was supposed to not continue watching but i couldn't sleep (people of 2020 have trouble sleeping because of the pandemic) and decided to continue to episode 3 - gwangju - and they had yunho. meh. that was it. the end. he was tall. and that hair. ayaw ko na. i always say that or blurt that when i see a ridiculous handsome photo of him. "ayaw ko na".

going back to how bad the lss is - i can't get it off my head. sometimes it's mirotic, sometimes it's chance of love. sometimes it's some random song from the playlist i made of their last concert's setlist on spotify. (it's available vod - cos it was an online concert - concert or life as we know it stopped around march 2020 cos corona).

i will probably edit this entry one day but right now it's just about confubstication - confubstication - remember that word i made up? hahaha yes i'm using it again.

so let's go the enu and be done with this:
1. i love yunho - so guapo. ayaw ko na.
2. kaloka lang talaga - ngayon pa ako naging cassiopeia (bought fan club membership and all that bangi) - and to think matagal ko na silang kilala.
3. nakaka-depress sya actually kasi napaka glaring lang what's missing from my life. a life. friends. sex life? love live. career. basta. i think hindi naman ako magkakaganito sa kanya kung i was preoccupied with real lyf tingz.
4. i would give anything to not be in this situation. mas bet ko yung pagiging fan ko nuon - nung may sarili pa akong trabaho.

Hello, Corona.

How are you all doing in this time of the Corona Virus 2020?

Turning 40 but all travel plans are put on hold indefinitely.

I envisioned that I would be in Japan by first week of May but that's not going to happen. Canceled the hotel booking yesterday with a little sadness but it was necessary. It was a good thing my calendar reminded me to cancel it or else. 


Finished the drama, Chocolate, yesterday. All I can say is... I finished it for Ha Ji Won. LOL But it won't belong in my Top Drama list. Ha ha. For Ha Ji Won only!

I love Jing Monis Salon (Greenbelt)

I can only afford to go to the hair salon once a year. I'd be lucky if I can even go at all. I first went to Jing Monis Salon last year and had Mr. Rigel Tedor (Creative Lead Stylist) attend to me. It was the first time I had full treatment done to my hair - cut, colour, treatment. I went out of the salon with curls and got hooked on the look I even bought my own hair curler and would curl my hair when an opportunity came. Disneyland, Bianca Del Rio, my one night out in Nectar.

I think because the first experience was great, I went back again this year to the same salon. I asked for Rigel but they said they already parted ways so I got a different stylist - Aureo Peña - and he was nice as well. He cut my hair real short and gave me side bangs which is taking me some time to get used to to be honest. The biggest difference from last time is instead of the moisture boost treatment I got last time, I had a Brazilian Blowout. It's cool and all but that will probably be the last time I have that done to my hair cos I feel like it's a little too flat for my taste. It's not all gone to waste though cos at least I can wear my headbands prettily with my hair now. And I have loads of headbands - from Gaud Manila, Zara, even SM - that I wasn't able to wear well with my old hair. It's funny cos while I don't feel a hundred percent about the end result the second time around, I get more compliments this time than before so it balances itself out. LOL

Two years in a row now - hair salon day will be forevermore around my birthday - October - because I don't think anyone can fault me for wanting to be gone the whole day to pamper myself. Ha ha.

Both times though I started early (around 10:30 ish) and finished 5:00 PM so that leaves no time at all to go shopping. Which is good cos I really need to curtail my spending on stuff since I just signed up for life insurance which will dock my usual savings a significant amount.

In conclusion, I love Jing Monis Salon in Greenbelt cos it's quiet, and it allows me to feel like a "madam" even for just one day. And that means a lot to this probinsyana girl who works near the public market and deals with mga walang kwentang tao all the time.

I love you Hiccup <3

Just watched the final HTTYD film yesterday. I wasn't as emotional as I thought I'd be - I guess I was prepared for how the story will go since I read the plot before watching it - that's ok, I'm good with spoilers - I prefer to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

I'm happy Hiccup and Astrid got a well deserved ending. It gave me fuzzies in the heart and right now, at the state of my brain - I'd rather have it that way.

Mabuhay Miles Rant

I don't know why Philippine Airlines even has a frequent flyer program when redeeming flights from them is a pain in the ass.

It's only July and yet when I called them up yesterday to possibly get a ticket for November (5 months away!), the dates I wanted and the flights I needed were no longer available.

Now here's the thing - I know there's only an alloted number of seats for reward flights pero grabe ang tipid nila kung no more seats available kasi I even inquired up to January and ubos na rin daw.


We can't plan super ahead because the nature of our lives doesn't work that way. Kaya nga Piso Fares and other promo travels - we can't take advantage of that - because we don't now what our schedules will be tomorrow, the next day or the day after tomorrow, what more if months from now?

This was the only time na medyo na-formalise/finalise yung plano because somehow it just worked that way pero hindi pa rin pala ako pagbibigyan ni universe. SIGH.

So from where I stand, there's really no point in collecting miles because there's no point to it - ikaw ang mag-aadjust sa kanila, hindi sila ang mag-aadjust sa yo. Unlike other airlines where booking flights using your miles (+ cash if needed) is super easy, Philippne Airlines doesn't even have a toll free number you can use. Galit yata sa mga probinsyano eh.



Passport Renewal - Senior Citizen - Philippines

I live in the province (i.e. not in Manila) therefore sometimes, procedures that you find online on how to do certain things don't necessarily apply to me/my situation/my case.

For example. If you Google "passport renewal, Philippines" you'll find that they would ask you to go to http://www.passport.gov.ph/ so you can schedule your appointment at the DFA office near you, bring the requirements on the day, pay for your passport, wait for it to arrive and that's pretty much it.

Here in the province, if there was a provincial version of Google, it will probably tell you to:

1. Go to different travel agents that accommodate Passport Renewals. 

2. If you're in a hurry, look for the agency that offers the earliest schedule. If you're not in a hurry and just need a day that works, then just choose the agency that charges the cheapest.

3. On your scheduled appointment date, bring your requirements, go to the meeting place for the shuttle service, go to the DFA, follow the travel agency man, go home.

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How To Pay MERALCO bill using your Credit Card

We have a house in Manila but only a caretaker lives there. Someone goes to see her (either me, my parents or my sister) once a month to give her her salary and some groceries but there's no telling when that happens because our collective schedules are very erratic. There's even a chance when no one gets to go because there's too much going on at home/store or (and this sounds bad) we forget. That's why being able to view our MERALCO and MAYNILAD bills online is a massive convenience. There's little risk of not paying them before the due date because as soon as it's generated, I get an e-mail that tells me how much we need to pay and when  they are due. No need to go to Manila at all.

Before, I used to pay them at the Robinson's Business Center 5 minutes away from where I live. But I'm a lazy git, and I wanted to cut the step where I would go out of the house just for that. I enrolled our MERALCO and MAYNILAD bills to my BPI Express Online account so I could just pay them online without having to wear a bra (or something). That was cute until I realised I keep paying for them bills out of my own savings account but I don't get reimbursed. Boo. (We have a complicated arrangement at home; don't judge.)

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