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Making Something Out Of Nothing

Ilúvënis Nápoldë Telemnar Elanessë

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Mabuhay Miles Rant
I don't know why Philippine Airlines even has a frequent flyer program when redeeming flights from them is a pain in the ass.

It's only July and yet when I called them up yesterday to possibly get a ticket for November (5 months away!), the dates I wanted and the flights I needed were no longer available.

Now here's the thing - I know there's only an alloted number of seats for reward flights pero grabe ang tipid nila kung no more seats available kasi I even inquired up to January and ubos na rin daw.


We can't plan super ahead because the nature of our lives doesn't work that way. Kaya nga Piso Fares and other promo travels - we can't take advantage of that - because we don't now what our schedules will be tomorrow, the next day or the day after tomorrow, what more if months from now?

This was the only time na medyo na-formalise/finalise yung plano because somehow it just worked that way pero hindi pa rin pala ako pagbibigyan ni universe. SIGH.

So from where I stand, there's really no point in collecting miles because there's no point to it - ikaw ang mag-aadjust sa kanila, hindi sila ang mag-aadjust sa yo. Unlike other airlines where booking flights using your miles (+ cash if needed) is super easy, Philippne Airlines doesn't even have a toll free number you can use. Galit yata sa mga probinsyano eh.