Making Something Out Of Nothing

Ilúvënis Nápoldë Telemnar Elanessë

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Kim de Guzman

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

James Blunt David Bisbal The Killers Hed Kandi Gay Men Gay And Lesbian Liberation Movement Hal Sparks Gale Harold Peter Paige Scott Lowell Robert Gant Queer As Folk US Horatio Caine Pride Flag Star Wars Characters Ever After Back To The Future Billy Madison Happy Gilmore The Waterboy Legally Blonde patrick dempsey eric dane grey's anatomy

I have claimed them @ football_claims
1) Rio Ferdinand (I have claimed him as well in slave_claim)
2) Francesco Coco
3) Steven Gerrard's smile
4) Carrington
5) Sir Alex Ferguson

I have adopted Hugh Jackman from adopt_them

kim possible is love
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big bang is love
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The layout is from thefulcrum.

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